Dreaming Of A Vetter World (2018)

“In this compelling feature-length documentary, audiences meet three generations of Vetters and learn of the struggles they have faced as small-scale organic farmers in an era of “BIG AG” industrial agriculture. Informative without being jargony, the film features the self-sustaining, self-renewing farm-management system Donald and his son, David Vetter, created. Their experiment continues to this day as the Vetters try to stay one step ahead of changing weather patterns, market fluctuations and the ever-increasing pesticide use around them.

What is up my readers! I know you have been pining during my absence for some fresh and fantastic movie reviews. My time away has been filled with exciting new adventures and chock-full of movie watching, including our annual 31 Days of Horror marathon. I knew I would be a bit absent only because I needed to be able to find time to sit down and write a review. Time has been a fleeting commodity in my life recently. However I don’t want to leave you hanging! I come to you today, fresh from the Prairie Lights Film Festival in Grand Island, NE this last weekend and I have a movie I particularly wanted to review on as it has affected me greatly in its content.

October tends to bring out the best in the horror genre. Rightfully so since Halloween is a huge and fun holiday. Today, I’m stepping into a realm/genre I’ve only touched on briefly in my time doing movie reviews. Documentary is a newer genre to me as I’ve never been overly excited to really learn about subjects while watching movies. For me, movies are meant to take us away from the world we know and help our imaginations discover new universes, characters, and stories. Since taking film classes, both film making, and film studies, I have begun to discover the true importance of the documentary and how it helps to shape our world. Dreaming Of A Vetter World is one of these documentaries. 

This film kicked off the Prairie Lights Film Festival in a fashion which has come to become tradition….by knocking it out of the park! I was absolutely floored and captivated from minute one of this film. Director Bonnie Hawthorne takes a story, and a family she is truly passionate about and unfolds their story in beautiful film making fashion. One wouldn’t think a documentary on the importance of organic farming would be a terribly interesting one, however Hawthorne does some award winning work here by making the subject fascinating and offers truly life-changing way to view how the food we eat is grown. 

Documentaries are tough to get into a full on review with. The people on screen aren’t playing characters, they are playing themselves. It doesn’t get more real than this. The use of the people on the screen is different all together. Was the film made with mostly voice over narration to guide the story, or were the interviewees utilized to tell the story? This can make a huge impact on how good a documentary or even how real the story is portrayed. I don’t want to sit in a theater listening to some faceless voice tell me about what I am seeing on screen. This doesn’t bring the story to life. Hearing the actual stories and experiences from the people who have lived them, this is how a documentary should be done. It is definitely how Vetter World is done from beginning to end. Being able to listen to the Vetter family and friends explain how the organic farming was shaped from the 1980s is the best part of this movie. I would like to mention the technical aspect of this film as a very close second. The cinematography was absolutely stunning. The beautiful scenes portraying Nebraska corn and farm fields offer you an incredibly compelling argument as to why this area is known as God’s country. I can’t wait for my second opportunity to view this movie again and see if there were shots I missed because I was so enthralled with something else. 

Now for the pickle of the situation. Viewing this movie might be a little tougher than a viewer hopes it would be. As it has been more recently released, it appears it is busy playing the festival circuit before any streaming or home video options have come to light. As a casual viewer, it might be difficult to track down this movie for a random Friday night experience. I will happily direct you to the website, as you are able to follow the film and perhaps you will get lucky and a screening will occur in your area!

The website is as follows: https://www.dreamingofavetterworld.com/

I don’t feel like I can rave enough about amazing this film is and how it has moved me to consider a full lifestyle change. I feel good documentaries, and even good fictional movies can hold the power to really make you take a step back and consider if the life you are living is you best life, or just a good enough life. I definitely feel Dreaming Of A Vetter World can make all of us reconsider how we are living our lives and how we can make even a few changes to not only benefit our world, but the world we share with each other. 


Greg the Movie Guy

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